Top 10 Best Reasons to Visit Johannesburg Now


Introducing Johannesburg – The City of Gold


Johannesburg, the ultimate economic capital of Africa stands out as the most common entry into Southern Africa. Home to more than 3 million people, this South African city is also the second largest city on the continent. Hence, tours in Johannesburg can be the best pick for a wonderful holiday experience as the destination boasts handful sightseeing attractions to explore.

Though Johannesburg has plentiful sites to explore during holidays, it’s a bit confusing to find the best picks for your bucket list. Here are a few awe-inspiring sites of the mesmeric city Johannesburg discussed below:

The Best Reasons to Visit Johannesburg Now –

  • Apartheid Museum –


The Apartheid Museum, the most popular name in Johannesburg exemplifies the rise and fall of South Africa’s era of oppression and segregation and is a must-see. Using film, text, audio and live accounts, this museum offers an amazing insight into the architecture and the implementation of the apartheid system as well as ennobling stories of the struggle towards democracy. Visiting the museum on your tours in Johannesburg is an overwhelming experience!

  • Soweto Township –


Walking along the Soweto Township with a French speaking guide in South Africa can offer you some of the most infamous anti-apartheid clashes in the 20th century. When planning a tour to Johannesburg, it’s impossible to miss the two Orlando Towers.

  • Lion Park Safari –


The safari adventure in Lion Park Johannesburg – a wonderful destination for tourists who love wildlife adventure is one of its kind. Located near Johannesburg, the Lion Park is home to over 80 rare white lions offering amazing opportunity to stay up close and personal with lions and other wild species that are indigenous to Africa.

  • Gold Reef City –

Walking into the Gold Reef City is like stepping in to another world. Constructed around 19th century, this park successfully blends an old world museum atmosphere with some of the wildest rides south of the equator.

However, the perfect combination of attractions make this Good Reef City entertainment park more popular amongst families. While the old love to delve in to the history of the City of Gold on Johannesburg tours whereas the younger generation enjoy their adrenaline pumping adventure through 30 heart stopping adventure rides. If you want to spend a day with full day of frenetic family fun, no place can’t beat Gold Reef City!

  • The Nelson Mandela Museum –


The Nelson Mandela Museum is an interesting stopover for those keen to imbibe a slice of authentic history on the world’s most famous former prisoner. Offering visitors an interesting journey through the life of Nelson Mandela, this museum is distributed into three sites, the Bhunga Building in Umtata, the spiritual Mvezo – the place where Mandela was born and Qunu – the cultural village where he grew up.

  • The Cradle of Humankind and Sterkfontein Caves


Do you ever wonder where human beings came from? Its answer can be found in one place, the Cradle of Humankind. It’s one of the eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa. Dotted landscapes with subterranean limestone caves, this South African site has become one of the greatest sites with a rich fossil record for human evolutionary studies.

When planning a visit during Johannesburg tours, remember that the Cradle of Humankind is just 50km northwest of Johannesburg, boasting rolling grassland, rocky outcrops, river courses and more sightings.

  • Carlton Centre – Top of Africa

Want a bird’s eye view of Johannesburg? If yes, then the 50 storey Carlton Centre is the best place to go! When visiting Carlton Centre, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the City of Gold – Johannesburg from the top of Africa. Well-known as the tallest building in Africa and also in the southern hemisphere, the Centre equipped with wonderful architecture is emerged as one of the must-see Johannesburg attractions.

  • Johannesburg Botanical Garden –


Johannesburg Botanical Garden, just 6km from Johannesburg’s city centre offers splendid views of green space and recreational area for Joburgers and visitors alike. Being a popular picnicking site in South Africa, this garden is home seven different gardens like the Herb Garden, the Hedge Garden, the Shakespeare Garden, the Succulent Garden, the Rose Garden, the Arboretum and the Chapel Garden.

  •  The Johannesburg Zoo –

The Johannesburg Zoo is home to some of rarest animal species around the world. This is why it’s the best destination you should pick while booking Johannesburg French guided tours. Offering a huge range of visitor programmes, the zoo keeps both locals and visitors enthralled. Keep in mind that, white lions and Siberian lions have been bred in this zoo; which make it a must-visit destination for all wildlife enthusiasts.

  •  Wits Art Museum –

Though South Africa has handful number of excellent art galleries, the award-winning new kid on the block in Johannesburg is the Wits Art Museum, the premier museum home to incredible African art around the African continent. Making a visit to Wits Art Museum can offer you opportunity to see changing displays of classical, modern and contemporary African artworks from all over the continent.


Conclusion –

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