Planning Elephant Sanctuary Tour – Things to Know About


elephants in their natural habitat

Are you seeking for adventure on vacation? And need to experience something before your time is up on earth? Then, take a stroll in the African bush with a gentle wildlife creature – elephant. If you want to get up close and personal with an elephant or need an elephant as a tour guide, it’s time to experience the magic of elephants in their natural habitat – Elephant Sanctuary!

Elephant Sanctuary –

Elephant Santury

Nestled in the natural indigenous bush in the Magaliesburg Mountains, the Elephant Sanctuary  is just 45 minutes drive from the bustling cities of South Africa – Pretoria and Johannesburg. Taking a tour to this magnificent sanctuary offers a truly unforgettable, hands-on educational experience.

Being surround by natural indigenous bush, Elephant Sanctuary is home to impala, baboons, porcupine, leopard, other small mammals, 350 bird species and of course African elephants. Besides, the sanctuary provides a “Halfway House” for young African elephants who are in need of a temporary home. Please remember one thing that, it’s the only operation in South Africa that offers for elephants. The main objective of this step is to release all the elephants into an environment where they can live independently once they get older.

What Makes Elephant Sanctuary Unique in South Africa –

Get to see the elephants that are not kept in enclosed areas. In short and simple words, you’ll watch here how the elephants roam freely and know their natural behaviors like ripping down trees, digging up roots, spraying water over themselves to cool down etc.

You will get to experience and interact with these truly amazing creatures as well as see yourself how intelligent and human-like they are.

guided Elephant Sanctuary trip

10 Things to Do on Elephant Sanctuary Tour –

1. You can choose a guided tour to be carried out in small groups on foot to experience the sanctuary at its best.

2. Take a professional and local tour guides who will help you know in-depth information and insight into African elephants.

3. On a guided Elephant Sanctuary trip, you can introduce yourself to the elephants in the forest area.

4. You need to touch, feed and interact with the elephants for a completely unique experience.

professional and local tour guides

5. You’ll know the special relationship the elephant handlers share with their elephants and try to become a part of this group of people.

6. Booking a tour to Elephant Sanctuary, you’ll walk trunk-in-hand with gentle elephant species.

7. See the stables at the sanctuary where exactly the elephants sleep and rest at night.

8. Know more about elephant anatomy from local personalized tour guides.

9. If you’ll visit Elephant Sanctuary on hot days or rainy season, you may watch the elephants swimming.

elephant back riding tour

10. Plan a bare-back elephant back riding tour – allowing travelers to feel the power and the bulk of an elephant and experience the contrast with quietness, delicateness, and grace of this mammoth creature’s movement while they walk or glide around the ground.

Conclusion –

elephants while walking hand-in-trunk

Worldwide visitors come to Elephant Sanctuary in a large number for unforgettable experiences with these creatures in their natural habitat. So, it’s time to enter the world of elephants to touch, feed, interact and know the elephants while walking hand-in-trunk with them. Therefore, understand the height at which an elephant stands and experience the environment from an elephant’s perspective by booking Elephant Sanctuary tour with Mount Zion Tours and Travels – a certified SATSA member assuring clients with superb quality tourism services under SATSA Code Of Conduct. Being the winner of Luxury Travel Guide Global Awards 2016 and Tripadvisor Certification of Excellency 2016, we have been conducting specialized tour itineraries in South Africa best suiting client’s unique preferences and requirements.

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