Top 10 Tips for Children in Safari

As a parent, you may be looking to introduce your children to the splendor of African wildebeests; the bush camps are a great option for your kids to learn the life cycle of animals on the planet, the hierarchy of predation and the wonderful ways of animal survival in the African habitat. So booking family safaris in Africa could be the best decision you ever make to spend a quality vacation with your kids. But you need some serious thinking before taking children on safari as they may grow impatient of game drives or fall sick during safari tour, getting you nowhere.

African safaris have the best record of making family friendly vacations. It involves many kids-friendly spots where parents and children alike enjoy staying in lodges or tents, sleeping hearing the sounds of African wildebeests, walking through the Savannah, swamp or bush and taking horseback riding or boat riding safari. Family safaris are all about sharing an African Safari experience that would create ever lasting memories for families and would often allow them to shape up the character of their children too. For kids, these safaris are undoubtedly the most educative sessions in the world, bringing the awesome nature to their real lives with perfectly knowledgeable tour guides and interactive exhibits. They are a lifetime opportunity for parents to share an African adventure together with their young kids.

Involving your children in Safari and introducing them to the magical bush and the wonderful wildlife of Africa they have watched on TV is a great idea. A Family Friendly Safaris In South Africa can bring your family a lot of adventure and fun but it also requires you to do careful thinking and planning for the comfort of your kids. Below are given ten top tips for children in safari that would ensure your family maximum enjoyment.

Mount Zion Tours’ top 10 tips for children in Safari

1. Know the interest and choice of your children – Your children in safari will behave in no different way than they are on any other vacation. What kind of family holidays do they enjoy? Adventurous or relaxing? Lots of fun activities ( walking, boating or horse-riding) or spending time alone in a calm environment? Do they like to interact with other children or want to be always with you? Do they love watching wild animals and traveling great distances for it? All these things are crucial information that will help you choose the right kind of family safari.

2. See how fast they can adapt to a safari schedule A safari tour for a few days can be the perfect option for making your kids get organized in life and get settled temporarily in a new environment. Some children are silent in nature and can fast adapt into the schedule of early morning and evening game drives mixed with other leisure activities. But more active and noise making children can hardly bear it.

3. If planning for a long safari with children: Stay where various entertaining activities are available – For impatient children on long safaris, it is ideal to stay somewhere where the kids can get engaged in various engaging activities like game drives, horse riding, boating, poo tracking and more.

4. Consider how long the children can withstand the pressure of Safari – The truth is that children as young as 3 to 4 years old may end up getting hungry or tired soon. They are less likely to cope with a 3-4 hours long game drive. So, its better to plan your family safari with 6 to 9 years old or seek out a lodge for very young kids especially since you want them to be part of a safari. You can even book a private vehicle to come back once your small kids start to feel hungry or sleepy.

5. Let them be adventurous: Try outdoor camps or tents – Your children should learn to be brave and adventurous. So, go for either a luxury tent or fly safari camping which will expose them to outdoor and make them connect with nature and wildlife rather than putting them in a large safari lodge.

6. Check out sleeping facility for kids in the camp – Not all family safari camps allow the kids to sleep with their parents. If your child is too young, choose for large family tents having sleeping arrangement for a family of four together. If there is a large family group, privately managed safari houses can be rented within the parks for comfortable sleep of all the children.

7. Don’t pick up a lodge with the children’s activities only – Many safari camps and lodges highlight their children-friendly activities, but have a look at their services carefully. Most of them have compulsory baby-sitting services so that parents can head to game drives themselves. In real, you need a safari experience to make your child learn the lesson of animal life in the company of a good guide who can deal with children properly.

8. Know special discounts offered for children in camps – Some of the African safari camps charge as much as 75% of the adult price for a child below 12 years while others charge only 25% of it. So, it is necessary to know which of them offers the best pricing for children to reduce your safari cost a bit. If you are a family of four or even more, private safari house or higher end camp rentals will be more economic due to per person charge.

9. Binoculars and cameras should be carried along with you – Make sure to carry at least a single pair of binoculars to let your children view the game drive and landscape from a great distance. You also need to take a camera to capture the special and memorable moments your kids spending in the safari.

10. Your children should go to the bathroom just before going on the game drive – Often, it won’t be possible for you to get off the vehicle and take your children for toilet. So, take them to toilet just before you board on the game drive vehicle.

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